Tori & Chris’s Aldie Mansion Wedding

On a super dreamy and romantic cloudy day, Victoria was putting the final touches on her beautiful bouquet- a bouquet that was hand crafted by a dear family friend. Surrounded by her best friends and her dear mother, she stepped into her classic and elegant wedding dress. As her mother tied the blush ribbon around her waist, Victoria was ready- ready to see her love and ready to take this leap with him into married life. She descended the steps and walked confidently to the back courtyard where Chris was waiting. With the tap of his shoulder he turned around and was blown away by the amazing woman who stood before him. They embraced, Victoria wiped a tear from her eye and they just took in this moment together. These are the memories that are all wrapped up in a wedding day. Anticipation, a flutter of nervous energy that swells up in your heart and finds its release with the one you love. This is what is captured forever. The love of a young couple about the embark on the craziest journey of all together- building a life. These two will look back and remember saying their vows, holding each other close, sealing their promises with a kiss, and making their two lives into one. They will also remember the crazy amazing dance party they had with all of their friends! (Conga line included!) Wishing Victoria and Chris so much love and happiness as they embark on their married life. It’s such an incredible ride, don’t forget any of it.

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