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Ready to ditch the parts of wedding planning?

If there was a way to plan a wedding that you LOVE... without spending all of your free time planning, blowing your life savings, or feeling overwhelmed...

Would you hit the wedding planning easy button?

limited time offer!

Book your personal Virtual Wedding Planner for just $249 for each month of planning

(pay as you go and cancel anytime)

Sound Familiar?

You’ve probably heard all sorts of horror stories from couples who planned their own weddings and [barely] came out the other side.  

Yet, you’re still here - stressing over all the things you need to do, finding good vendors, negotiating contracts, navigating all the new rules, overwhelmed by logistics… all thing things --- on top of trying to survive in a pandemic and manage life in this new normal.

Did you know that's the biggest wedding regret reported by newlywed couples?  They didn't hire a planner.  And if they did work with a Planner, they wished they pulled in the professionals sooner…

You’re over here spinning your wheels -- googling to figure out what needs to get done and what things should cost, trying to make sense of quotes from vendors that are all over the map, reworking [and reworking] plans…not even sure if everything is under control.

And you’re so stressed that you aren’t even fully enjoying the parts of being engaged that are sooo fun. Ahhh.

You’re worried your wedding day will come and you and your partner will still be in planning mode instead enjoying it all.

No matter where you’re at right now, a Virtual Wedding Planner can jump in and tackle the parts of planning that are stressing you out.

You can get to a place where you’re actually excited when someone asks you about your wedding, without:

  • Spending $5,000+ on a traditional Planner. Yeah, *traditional* Planners are expensive. BUT you don’t need to drop a ton of money to work with a Planner who has expertise and industry connections to make planning easy.
  • Reinventing the wheel. Listen, wedding planning takes a lot of organization, time management, coordination, and connections. Spreadsheets and lists galore. You don’t need to spend days creating your own system. Use the proven method the pros use.
  • Having to beg your friends and family for free labor. Let your bestie be your bestie and let your mom be your mom. Their job should be to support and celebrate you, that’s it. You don’t want them playing Wedding Coordinator instead of partying with you.
  • Being obsessed with all things wedding. Sure, you’re excited about your wedding day but you’re more excited about marrying your best friend. Let a pro handle the deets while you get to the good stuff.
  • Turning into an amateur Wedding Planner yourself. You have a job. And you’re amazing at it. You don’t need to turn wedding planning into a second full-time gig. It’s about delegating like the boss you are.

But, here’s the thing...

The Queen B Virtual Planning Package

Virtual Planning Screenshots

limited time offer!

Book your personal Virtual Wedding Planner for just $249 for each month of planning

(pay as you go and cancel anytime)

Your personal Wedding Planner will save you time, money, and frustration as they help you plan the best party ever… all *virtually* from the comfort of your home.

Our team of Planners has been planning weddings for years, working with brides/grooms just like you who are…

  • Struggling to squeeze planning into their super busy lives.
  • Fed up with trying to navigate the wild wedding industry with no prior experience.
  • Failing to manage all the logistics that go into translating their vision into reality.
  • Recognizing that they would rather just let a professional handle it.
  • Committed to creating an amazing experience for them and their guests! 

Flutter Social’s *virtual* Wedding Planners are the result of that work.

When you work with a Flutter Social *virtual* Wedding Planner, you get dedicated 1:1 support from a real wedding expert who will work with you to tackle all the to-do’s customized for your event in a clear, easy way.

You’ll work with your *virtual* Planner over regular video planning sessions and in real-time through our collaborative planning dashboard and documents so you’re always up-to-date and have everything you need to stay organized.

Boss Glow Up Screenshots

How it Works


Collaborate with a Pro via Online Planning Sessions

Hop on a video planning session to work with your pro Event Planner wherever you're at in the planning process. Whether you're completely overwhelmed and want someone to do everything for you or if you just need help with all the logistics. We have an expert for you.


Get the Benefit of Our Network to Save You Time + Money

Your Planner creates a custom event plan + helps to knock out all the to-do's... managing your budget, finding + hiring vendors that fit your vibe, creating that day-of timeline, + everything in between. We're experts at event planning so let us handle the logistics for you.


Enjoy the Best. Party. Ever... The Logistics Are Handled

Leading up to your event, your Planner coordinates with your day-of point person, your vendors, and all key players so your event goes off without a hitch. Need help finding a Day-Of Coordinator? We got you. All communication and timelines are handled. You just enjoy the best day ever!

Working with your personal Flutter Social Planner will help you to:

  • Save time by offloading wedding planning tasks that you’re not feeling
  • Get organized and keep all your key people in the loop about all planning details
  • Save money by letting your Planner put their experience and network to work for you
  • Enjoy being engaged and walk into your wedding day ready to party!

Schedule monthly video planning sessions with your Planner around your schedule, who’ll work behind the scenes to handle those wedding to-dos. You'll collaborate through the Flutter Social planning dashboard and have unlimited access to email and text with your Planner in between calls.

“I got set up with my personal wedding planner (shoutout Jessica, YOU HERO) and she quickly whipped my ass into shape. She helped me source vendors, worked out deals on my behalf and started to take my Pinterest board and turn it into a realistic vision based on my budget. I send her contracts from vendors and she tells me what to ask for and what to cut out. She also found affordable day-of coordinators through Flutter Social in the area so I can relax on the big day. I honestly would probably still be in the fetal position crying over which color napkins to order if it wasn't for Jessica. I honestly don't know if my wedding would be happening this July if it wasn't for Flutter Social.”

-Sarah (@bigkidproblems)

“My only issue with Flutter Social is I did not bring them on board sooner! I am a military planner so I thought I had everything all handled, and I was reluctant to give anyone else control over anything. She helped solve problems, coordinated with multiple people, and helped bring my creative vision to life.”


“I heard people say that wedding planners are worth every penny and I often rolled my eyes at that. It is true, but only if the planners are professional, skilled, and kind. Marcie and Flutter Social are that and so much more. We are so grateful.”



Take a Peek at What’s Coming Your Way

As a Queen B 1:1 *Virtual* Planning Client, you’ll get:

  • Your own dedicated personal Wedding Planner to take tasks off your plate. Get help with:
    • Items on your to-do list
    • Finding, hiring + coordinating vendors
    • Contract review
    • Budget guidance + tracking
    • Design
    • Day-of schedule
    • Logistics
  • Up to an hour of live 1:1 planning help over video or phone each month
  • Unlimited text + email support in between planning sessions
  • All of the planning tools your planner uses (our Boss Method Wedding Planning System)  so you can collaborate with your planner in real time while staying organized and in the loop

Private planning sessions with your Planner each month

Work with your Planner each month to easily make decisions and stay on track.

Flutter Social - Our Promise


You’ll love working with your Virtual Wedding Planner or else your money back. We’re so confident in our community of Planners that if during your first session you decide it’s not for you, simply forward your receipt to us with the title, “Not For Me” and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

And we’ll still part as friends. Cool? So, why not lock in this amazing deal and give it a try? Working with a Virtual Wedding Planner is the answer to your wedding planning prayers. Trust us.

Skip the frustration with the help of a Virtual Wedding Planner

Here’s the truth: yes, you could keep trying to figure out how to plan your wedding by yourself. There are plenty of free resources out there and we’ve all googled our way through a lot of things in life.

In fact, many couples reading this will do exactly that. 

But if you’ve never planned a major event before, you run the risk of...

  • Wasting hundreds of hours trying to piece together all the wedding details and logistics
  • Relying on questionable advice from newlyweds in random groups… and wasting even more time trying to navigate the inevitable issues that will arise
  • Getting discouraged by your Instagram vs. reality wedding dreams. Yeah… nobody tells you how much those Instagram worthy weddings cost BUT Flutter Social pro Planners are wizards at helping you achieve the same vibe without blowing your life savings.
  • Tossing thousands of dollars down the toilet because yes, weddings are expensive, and you are at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiations. These are emotional YOLO purchases and you probably have no idea what things should cost --- instead of throwing your money away, have your *virtual* Planner use their experience and network (ahem, they have the power of repeat purchasing working for them) to get you the best deal. 
  • ​Ending up stressed out leading up to your wedding… overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, worried about missing something, or things not coming together...  instead of enjoying this rare time in your life when it’s seriously supposed to be all about you and your lover.

As a Flutter Social client, you’ll bypass all of this.

Basically, we want to give you your own Wedding Fairy Godmother to take all the stress away from you. Let your Planner use all their experience and connections to help you plan something amazing... so you can fully enjoy your engagement and go into your wedding day ready to party.

As a reminder, here is what you’ll get with the Queen B Planning Package:

  • Your own dedicated personal Wedding Planner to take tasks off your plate. Get help with:
    • Items on your to-do list
    • Finding, hiring + coordinating vendors
    • Contract review
    • Budget guidance + tracking
    • Design
    • Day-of schedule
    • Logistics
  • Up to an hour of live 1:1 planning help over video or phone each month
  • Unlimited text + email support in between planning sessions
  • All of the planning tools your planner uses (our Boss Method Wedding Planning System)  so you can collaborate with your planner in real-time while staying organized and in the loop

Take all those wedding planning to-do’s off your list and let your *virtual* Planner handle it.
Get started today for only one payment of: 


Virtual Planning Frequently Asked Questions

Working with a *virtual* Wedding Planner is great if you want the benefits of a professional Planner to keep you organized and on track but don't want to pay the crazy fees of a traditional Planner. When you work with your own personal Flutter Social *virtual* Wedding Planner, we literally take items off your to-do list and are there to help you tackle all things wedding. You schedule your video planning sessions around your schedule and your Planner is available in between meetings to answer any of your questions. You can think of us like your Wedding Fairy Godmother - bibbidi-bobbidi-boo >>> from [wedding] stressed to blessed.

Our job is to help you enjoy your regularly scheduled life while we handle the wedding planning. Once you pick your package you’ll meet your personal Planner virtually. Planning sessions with your Planner happen over video sessions and everything is organized centrally on your Flutter Dashboard, which is linked to an organized Google Drive so everyone is on the same page. Each session you’ll pick the focus and your Planner will put together an action plan to take care of business.

If for some reason you aren’t clicking with your Planner then we’ll rematch you until you find the one.

Yes! Our network of Planners have experience planning weddings all over the world and have the connections, experience, and tools to help you plan an event no matter what city you're celebrating in.

You can always add on more time with your Planner by adding to your planning package. Add on some extra face time with a planning sesh or extend your full-service package with bundled or month-to-month options.

The earlier your Planner gets involved the sooner you can get back to enjoying your engagement. If you don’t have a date yet, don’t worry! Your Planner can help with that. Get started with a custom month-to-month planning package or a bundled option. You can always extend if you need to.

When you select The Queen B bundles or month-to-month options you will work with the same Planner throughout your planning experience as long as your account remains active. For The Boss Glow Up 1:1 Pop-Up *Virtual* Planning Sesh or for month-to-month packages with breaks in between, having the same Planner is not guaranteed.

Yes! We have Flutter Social Day-Of Coordinators ready to help you execute on your wedding day - we'll even travel to make sure you've got the A-team. Day-Of Coordinators can be added to any Queen B package and start at $1,000. Inquire here to see if one is available for your date.

Your Planner is like your personal wedding Fairy Godmother. We'll work with you one-on-one to create a personalized planning schedule and collaborate to knock off all those to-dos. Your Planner can help tackle items like finding, hiring, and coordinating vendors, reviewing contracts, budget guidance, and tracking, design help, putting together that day-of schedule, working through logistics, or whatever else you want to collaborate with an expert on --- we got you.

We're here for you. Hit us up in chat or schedule a free 15-minute wedding planning consultation.

Have more questions?  Want to talk about your event planning goals?

Schedule a Free Consult Now

“Our Planner had wisdom, positivity, and a willingness to relieve me of any stress. We got to a point that we told her to handle whatever she thought was necessary, she didn't even need to check in with us. I had that much trust in her. She made us feel like we were her only client.”


“Our planner is amazing! Before I found Flutter Social I was so stressed out and she was able to take so much off my shoulders. I joke that she doubled as my part-time therapist. But seriously, best money we spent for our wedding was with Flutter Social.”


Ready to make wedding planning easy?

If you are psyched to marry your best friend, we want to help you plan a wedding as epic as you two.

We don’t want you to waste even more time and money spinning your wheels… only to get burned out and over it when you could have been outsourcing all the wedding planning bullsh*t to a professional.

So, if you are ready to…

Get back to living your best life knowing that you have a professional making your wedding plans a reality.

Focus on planning your life with your person not planning a party.

Skip the wedding planning nonsense and just get to the good stuff… like you hosting the best party ever...

… then we’d love to help you!