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Equal Pay for Equal Work

  • Is committed to partnering with and supporting businesses that are in alignment with equal pay for all genders
  • Promises to pay equally for equal work when it brings on employees
stroller icon for parental leave for all genders

Parental Leave for All Genders

  • As an early stage startup, Flutter Social does not yet have a parental leave policy in place but pledges to develop parental leave policies that are equal among all genders and family situations

Zero Tolerance Harrassment

  • Flutter Social is female-owned and is committed to advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion throughout the tech community and wedding industry.
  • All Flutter Social members including its community of Wedding Professionals operates under the¬†Flutter Social Non-Discrimination Policy

Flutter Social on Equality and Inclusion

"We launched The Rosie List as an ongoing resource to help consumers understand which companies they can put their money behind to take action towards full equality.  After careers in healthcare and now in tech, we've experienced the discrepancies first hand and we're passionate about taking action to support equality and inclusion.  We're strong believers that consumers hold great power to impart change through their spending.


We are excited to have this initiative help set the tone for our business and to weave diversity, inclusion, and equality into the fibers of Flutter Social from the very beginning"

Icons from left to right from the Noun Project by: Jakob Vogel, O s t r e a, and  Barracuda. Cover photo by Du Soleil Photography