In the Spirit of [Brotherly] Love: Personal Wedding Vendor Recommendations are Live in Philly

Congrats! You've found your person and decided to get married. The confetti from your Engagement Party has settled and reality sets in that you're about to plan the party of a lifetime. You're gonna need to research 8-10 different types of industry experts in order to assemble the dream team you need to bring your vision to life. There are over 1,000 Wedding Photographers in Philly alone but you only need one that gets your vibe and fits your budget… but how do you find the one when there's so many fish in the sea?

Personal recommendations are best – amiright?

If you’re like us, anywhere you go, you seek out personal recommendations on independent businesses to check out. The character and service local businesses offer is always one of a kind, and you leave feeling good about doing business there. Flutter Social empowers you to tap into your local wedding community to get personalized recommendations on the wedding businesses that best fit your style, get your vibe and are within your budget.

Flutter Social is the first online wedding social network offering a personalized vendor discovery experience. Our Wedding Spirit Guides help you easily navigate the complicated wedding scene by offering vendor recommendations based on your unique profile and shared connections. We help you fight information overload by returning a few customized vendors at a time based on your budget, style, and connections to other brides or businesses in your network, coupled with examples of their work.

So let's do this. Let's find the best Philadelphia wedding vendors that fit exactly what you're looking for. Join the Flutter Social community to get personalized vendor recs.