Our Story

Flutter Social is the social network for weddings.  When you join the Flutter Social community, we help you navigate the local wedding scene by delivering the most relevant real wedding inspiration specific to you, based on your network and interests. It’s wedding inspiration for the modern couple that is local and actionable.


Real Weddings on Flutter Social are shared only by Wedding Professionals we invite to share.  When it's time to book, rest easy.  Even if the Flutter Social Wedding Professionals that inspire you aren't in your trusted network, they are in ours.


We are proudly female-owned and are committed to advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion throughout the tech community and wedding industry.  Our community of Wedding Professionals operates under the Flutter Social Non-Discrimination Policy.

Our Story

Kaleigh Gallagher + Marcie Reilly, Flutter Social Co-founders

In the chaos of everyday life we always look forward to the next time we will celebrate with the people we love.

It’s these moments, that when we look back, tell the story of who we are.  In the details is where we share little pieces of one another through the experiences we create. Maybe it’s the food inspired from a far away land, the décor that perfectly captures our personality, a special dessert that gives a nod to a loved one who has passed, or a song track that takes us back to another place.

You can’t create these experiences out of the box. It’s a sequence of relationships that lead us to discover what will be remembered as little treasures… the caterer our aunt recommended because her stuffing tastes just like Grandma’s. the florist your friend credits with turning her flower child dreams into a reality or the photographer who she totally vibes with. The local baker who understands the significance of adding a layer of pineapple upside down cake because it’s your dad’s favorite. And that band you feel like you know because you danced the night away at your cousin’s wedding.

We put love into planning these celebrations and it takes a certain kind of creativity, individualism, and hustle to make it happen. We find this passionate spirit throughout the independent wedding professional community but found their magic was often only being discovered through the grapevine… so we set off on a mission to help people connect with creatives so everyone can celebrate life’s big moments with style.

It was a simple idea to celebrate more that turned into a community that inspires us in so many ways. We are grateful to support wedding professionals so they can support you.



Kaleigh & Marcie