SarahFrench Events believes: doing all things with love
....that a wedding doesn't have to have a big budget to be beautiful laughter, wedding glow, and romance
....that no two weddings are alike, so no two planning packages should be either
....that the only thing you "need" for a wedding are two people who love each other and someone to marry you. Everything else is just the icing on the cake (for the record, I love's frequently the only part of cake I eat.)
...that the sentence "I can't do/have/serve _________at a wedding" needs to be banned from your mind. Your wedding should be as unique as your love story
...that every love story is epic

Still here?
Hi! I'm SarahFrench.
(That's all one word, no spaces or breath in between)

Most days you can find me in my pretty office surounded by post-it notes and lots of quote posters (current favorite: Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage,
not weakness) I believe in love and doing all things with love. I believe that every love story is epic. But most importantly, I believe that every couple deserves
a wedding day just as beautiful and unique as the love story that got you there.

I love working with couples that are focused on their marriage as well as their wedding day. Couples that are so excited to get married they can't stop grinning
on their wedding day. Couples that want to have fun with their friends and family on their big day! I love couples that email me and text me with
questions--because you should have some time to really enjoy your engagement. I can track down the perfect on budget photographer. Promise.
I love working to make every couple's wedding day dream a reality. Which is why I offer payment plans. Because weddings can be expensive and I get that.
I want to be your wedding planner no matter what your budget is.

I can't wait to talk to you!

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