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About Me

Hey there! I’m Alex, and you’re getting married because you’re crazy in love with that one other person who really gets you. Who, through thick or thin, has your back (and your hand to hold) and you never want to let go.

And you need a photographer to capture the totally beautiful wedding day you’re planning. You want to save all those incredible memories, but look fabulous too, right? Who doesn’t want to look amazing. That’s where I come in: I want to tell the story of your wedding day, and I want to give you photos that you’re going to look back on fifteen years from now and say “look at that – we still hold hands the same way”. That you’re going to look back on and relive all those little moments, just as you saw them on your wedding day. Those memories will come rushing back to you, and these photos will stay gorgeous and true and wonderful for years and years and years.

But most of all, I want to show YOU. Your personalities. Your smiles. Your way you cuddle and hold each other. Your way you crack up at each other’s lame jokes. It’s about YOU. Will I make you two look stunning? Well yeah, that’s part of my job. But I want to do it while making these images special to you two. Any model could look great in front of a camera, but you two are unique. Let’s showcase that!


Philadelphia, PA

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Black Tie, Classic, Elegant, Glamorous, Garden, Romantic, Vintage

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