Love on fire. That’s what lights our fire so to speak. We capture these moments because as a husband & wife team we know them all so well.

So whether you spend your time together riding motorcycles (we just got a café bike) or cuddled up watching The Office (reciting every line like us) or playing with your fur babies (we have 3)...we know the feeling.

Our style is to find out what gives you goosebumps & makes you feel at home all at the same time. Then reflect that through our photography.

So let’s grab a slice or meet up for a cold brew coffee. We’ll tell you more about our Office obsession, how we jam out to metal & fail hard at raising plants (RIP plants). & you can tell us about all the things you love (especially if it includes rock climbing or cats).

Because we want to be part of your unforgettable, wild adventure, no matter where you go, even if it’s outside of our home-base, Ohio. With us, you can get swept away, like our windblown hair.

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