What do the recommendations to users look like and how do they work?

Flutter Social uses Smart Recommendations to connect business with their ideal clients.


Recommendations are presented to users by business category for users to swipe through and take action on, a lot like a dating app:

Flutter Social vendor recommendations screenshot

We match businesses to potential clients based on how well their profile aligns with potential clients' needs, and then prioritize the matches according to shared connections between each business and the potential customer.


Recommendations appear instantly when a potential client creates a Flutter Social wedding profile, and Flutter updates the recommendations as the potential client takes action on the recommendations or updates their wedding profile. Potential clients can take 4 possible actions for on each recommendation:


When a vendor is saved, its recommendation card is added to the potential client's "short list" of vendors.  We'll update our other recommendations to include vendors that are in alignment with the Saved Vendor.


Potential clients can inquire with any vendor with two clicks of a button.  When they click "Inquire", an Inquire popup window appears, giving the potential client the chance to add a note to our standard inquiry message that's pre-populated with the potential client's wedding details.


This is where the magic happens. When a vendor is marked as booked, its recommendation card is added to the client's Booked Vendor list.  This also adds the Booked vendor to the member's Booked Vendor list on their public profile, and the booked client is added to the vendor's Booked Client list on their profile page.

Plus, we'll update our recommendations in other vendor categories to prioritize Booked Vendors' Preferred Parters and businesses that Booked Vendors have experience working with (i.e. tagged to the same Real Wedding). More Flutter Social connections = more opportunities to be seen by potential clients.


If a recommended vendor isn't a fit, potential clients can remove them from their recommendations list by clicking on the "x" in the upper right corner of the recommendation.