What’s the difference between Real Weddings and Galleries?

Real Weddings or Galleries - Where should you add your work?  Both places.  Here's why:


Gallery Screenshot

Galleries are yours alone, to showcase your business in whatever way makes sense: favorite work, inventory/service offerings, etc.  Up to four of your most recently added galleries will show on the front of your Flutter Social profile page, and if you have at least one gallery, three random pics from your newest gallery will be shown to potential clients when we recommend you to them (like in the examples below), so make every image count.

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Real Weddings

Publishing Real Weddings is a premium feature, available to Premium Business + Multimarket Business members.

Recommendations Screenshot

Real Weddings are designed to showcase not only your work but also the results of your collaboration with other businesses.  They become part of your profile and everyone's profile who is tagged to the wedding as a collaborator.  Think of Real Weddings as part of a living, shared portfolio among you and your collaborators. The best Real Weddings show the work of everyone involved - from the officiant to the venue, to the baker and everyone in between.

In this way, Real Weddings serve as another level of mutual connections, telling us whether you've worked at a certain venue, which businesses you work with most often, and even the clients that have hired you.  Whether you add a Real Wedding yourself or are tagged to one as a collaborator, you have the ability to tag any missing collaborators, including businesses and the couple.

When potential clients come across a Real Wedding in any business' profile, they can easily see and inquire with all of the businesses who made it happen.

More Real Weddings with tagged collaborators = More ways to discover your business 💁