How can my network help grow my business?

Flutter Social's personalized, network-driven approach to recommending your business saves time and frustration and can help you create a sustainable online sales pipeline based on your relationships and trusted word-of-mouth referrals.

Here's how you can harness the power of your network to get recommended to  couples most likely to become your clients:

1 Invite Your Network

The stronger your Flutter Social network, the better we get at recommending you to the clients who are the best fit for your business.  Your shared clients, weddings, and Preferred Partners both strengthen your profile for potential clients and inform our smart recommendations to get you in front of the right couples.

2 Add Your Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners are some of the strongest Flutter Social connections.  When a client books a business in one service category, their Preferred Partners are prioritized in the other service categories that the client is looking for. (Preferred Partners can be added only by businesses with Premium or Multimarket accounts.  All business members may accept Preferred Partner requests).

3 Tag Your Collaborators in Real Weddings

Real Weddings serve as another level of mutual connections, telling us whether you've worked at a certain venue, which businesses you work with most often, and even the clients that have hired you.  Whether you add a Real Wedding yourself (Premium + Multimarket accounts only) or are tagged to one as a collaborator, you have the ability to tag any missing collaborators, including businesses and the couple.


4 Ask your clients to mark you as Booked

Happy clients are the best source of referrals and social proof.  When a client marks your business as booked, you're added to their Booked Vendors list on their Flutter Social profile, and they're added to your Booked Client list on your profile (Booked Client Lists are visible only on profiles for Premium + Multimarket Business accounts).  In addition, we'll prioritize your business when making recommendations to couples in your booked client's network.