What if you could instantly get organized and take control of wedding planning?

Get the exact system professional Wedding Planners use to ditch the stress, hire the best vendors, stretch your budget, and know exactly what to do and when.


Pop the champs, you’re marrying your person!

You can see it now - an amazing weekend celebrating with all of your family and friends, or maybe a dinner party with only your closest people. Either way, it’s going to be the Best. Day. Ever.

But there’s a big problem.


The problem is...you’ve never planned a major event before, let alone a wedding.

And now you're planning one in the middle of a global pandemic. 🙄

You’re overwhelmed just thinking about planning your wedding on top of everything else going on.

You don’t know what you should be doing or when to start doing it, but you suddenly have the time and you know that demand for vendors will be high as canceled weddings are rescheduled.

You don’t know who to hire, what things should cost, or how to navigate through all the options, but you do know you don't want to get it wrong.

Boss Method Wedding Product Suite

That's why we're offering you instant access to the Boss Method Wedding Planning Edition worth $297...

✨ For only $27!

I'm not bossy I'm the boss

Imagine planning your wedding like a boss, with inside access to all the tools and secrets that the pros rely on to plan amazing events.

What if you could lose that pit in your stomach about what you should be doing when and instead, wake up each day knowing that you’ve got it handled?

How would it feel if you could spend the days leading up to your wedding focused on the things that really matter - enjoying time with your friends and family, taking time for yourself... Imagine the feeling of your wedding planning fitting with all of the other parts of your life instead of completely taking it over... 🕺🏽💃

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How would your life be different if you could:

  • Tap into the systems and secrets that professional planners use to plan your own wedding
  • Be in total control of planning your wedding instead of having wedding planning control you
  • Know EXACTLY what you need to get done and when
  • Focus on celebrating your engagement and the fun parts of wedding planning
  • BE PRESENT when spending time with your friends and family instead of stressing over what you should be doing for your wedding
  • Manage your career AND planning your wedding like a boss, without sacrificing either
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Rachael bridesmaid

You’ve read all the blogs, scoured Instagram and Pinterest and asked your married friends, but can’t seem to get over the hump of aligning what’s in your head with what’s actually doable.

Or maybe you’re halfway through wedding planning and just realized that all of the logistics involved to pull this off are f*cking overwhelming. 🤬

You have a tightness in your chest, knowing that time is ticking and your budget isn’t getting any bigger.

You don’t have any more time OR money to waste on things that aren’t working, like vendors who just aren’t a good fit or all of the hidden costs that keep creeping up. 💩

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There’s a secret behind those glowing couples who actually enjoy wedding planning. You know, the ones who are completely at ease and having a blast at their own weddings. The ones who look amazing, feel amazing and aren't caught up in all the wedding day details and drama. They've managed to plan the best party ever without the crippling wedding stress.

✨ It’s time for you to be let in on a little secret. ✨

Sarah Merrill Big Kid Problems Testimonial

Unlike other wedding planning tools you’ve seen, this planning system is the exact system our professional Wedding Planners use to seamlessly plan our clients’ weddings every day. 

You deserve to get in on industry tips and tools so you can get the best deals and save as much time as possible so you can get back to living your best life. 🎉

Never again get overwhelmed by all the logistics or feel like you’re getting taken advantage of by “experts”.

Throw the best party ever like a total badass with…

  • Tools to save you a ton of time so you can plan around your life, instead of it taking over your life
  • Inside secrets from the pros to save money so you can stay on budget, even if you feel like you have no idea what something should cost
  • A blueprint to make sure all the logistics are handled and that nothing slips through the cracks
Whats included
File Organization

Your Ultimate Get Organized and Get Things Done Wedding Planning System

Done-for-you digital wedding organization system pre-loaded with all the tools + templates you need

Editable + printable day-of master schedule and master inventory checklist

“All the Things” Budget Worksheet + Tracker with budget breakdown, tipping calcs, and hidden cost estimates

Completely customizable to-do list so you know what and when you need to knock things out from the time you get engaged through to those post-wedding to-dos

The Fastest Way To Plan Your Best Party Ever Using Tools + Tricks from the Pros

Keep everything and everyone straight so you spend your time getting things done instead of spinning your wheels

Feel good about the decisions you make because they line up with your priorities

No More Anxiety  Over Your Wedding Plans

If you wish you had a way to know...how to get started...how to maximize your budget...that you’re not getting screwed over every time you put “wedding” in front of a request ...

Here it is.

Six new bonuses
Bonus 1

Crush It From the Start Kit

Learn how to beat the overwhelm and set your event goals to identify your priorities and use them as your north star on the ~285 decisions you’re about to make.

Plus, get started on the right foot with the strategies we use to plan efficiently.

Bonus 2

Drag + Drop Design Board Templates

Drop images of your favorite inspo into these ready-to-go design board templates to share your vision for floral design, reception, and ceremony decor.

Bonus 3

Vendor Comparison Spreadsheets

Manage all your vendor prospects in our ready-to-use vendor comparison sheets so it’s super easy to see the info you have (and the info you need) from each vendor so you can make smart booking decisions

Bonus 4

Vendor Hiring and Negotiating Hacks

You’ll get the must-ask questions for each vendor type so you can hire with confidence. Plus, the most important things to check for in every vendor contract so you can handle negotiations like a boss

Bonus 5

Done for You Vendor Email Templates

All the inquiry, confirmation, and vendor coordination emails prewritten for you, plus tips on when to send them.

Bonus 6

Making It Official Legal + Financial Checklist

All the things you need to handle to establish your new partnership while also protecting your independence

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Why should you trust us
  • We don’t just sell this stuff; we actually use it. Our Wedding Planners use this EXACT system to efficiently plan weddings for our clients every day. We’re NOT another newlywed pushing unsolicited “expert wedding advice” after planning their own DIY wedding 12 months ago.
  • We’re not JUST Wedding Planners, but we’re ALSO tech entrepreneurs. Our Planners use tech to save time by streamlining the event planning process with our proven system and tapping into the collective power of our global community of professional Planners and event hosts. YES. We get it. We are not your mother’s Wedding Planner.
  • We’ve helped LOOOOOTS of couples plan really cool weddings. We’ve seen it all, from venues closing 3 months out to handling those MOB “momzilla” moments, mmmhmmmm. Our Planners have experience in planning all kinds of events, with all kinds of crazy requests (yes, we’ve arranged VIP transport for a furbaby to travel from Ohio to Colorado to walk down the aisle). We know all the tricks and we’re sharing them with you because wedding planning is straight-up hard.
  • We’ve been there. Managing demanding careers, focusing on self-care, being present for our family and friends, ALL WHILE planning the biggest parties of our lives for ourselves and our people. We quit our full-time jobs in tech and sought out the best wedding pros in the biz to create the ultimate wedding planning system because it’s 100% possible to live your best life during this super crazy time. We want that for you.
Megen testimonial
Kaleigh Gallagher + Marcie Reilly, Flutter Social Co-founders
Hi we're Kaleigh and Marcie

We're the founders of Flutter social. We’re party experts who match real people with our team of Professional Planners to easily plan your wedding while living your best life.

After years of planning events and growing our wedding planning community, we know exactly how overwhelming it can be trying to handle all the logistics of planning a wedding while juggling a full-time job. Not to mention the stress of spending more money at once than you’ve ever spent before in your life, dealing with the unrealistic pressure to look flawless on your wedding day, and handling the inevitable family drama.

We’ve analyzed over 100K real wedding data points to more efficiently tackle planning logistics, get the most out of your budget, and live your best life. We’ve mastered how to plan the best party ever without it sucking the life out of you, your relationships and your budget.

The kind of wedding planning experience you'll have is totally up to you.  Maybe you want to host something amazing because all your people are coming together, but you also don’t want to miss out on the moments in your regular life 'cause your crew needs you at the annual beach vacay.  Or spend more time on you and your partner, work on your fitness, a little self-care spa action, or more wine nights with your tribe - you decide.

Whatever you want is within reach right now
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You're ready

You're ready for this Wedding Planning System if you are...

🎵 Excited for the best party of your life and ready to start planning - ‘toss your hair in a bun, throw on some gangsta rap, Lizzo, or whatever music gets you in the zone and handle it' style. 

🥊 Done being stressed and fighting with your fiance over what you should be spending money on. 

😫 Sick of feeling taken advantage of by vendors because you have no idea what TF is going on. 

🤔 Wondering what it’s like to actually enjoy this stage in your life. 

🙏🏽 Ready for it to be easier. 

🏖️ Willing to take control so you and your partner can live your best life. 

The Boss Method is not for you if…

You’ve got an extra $5,000+ in your budget to hire a Wedding Planner to handle it all for you - ‘cause if you can afford it, you should totally do that.

Flutter Social - Our Promise


We’ve been there. Weddings are expensive AF. We understand the risk you feel when you decide to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post.

We’re extremely proud of the products we create and we know anyone who buys them and implements the system will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why we’re offering a 14-day money back guarantee. While we can’t guarantee that the wedding planning system will turn you into a professional Planner or stretch your budget to royal wedding status, we can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the system and the time and stress it will save you.

Of course, if you’re not happy with the system, we will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

Lock it in

Lock in this great (✨ $27 ✨) price while you still can.  It won't last for long!

What’s standing in your way of finally taking control of this whole wedding thing and planning like the boss you are who doesn’t take it from anyone, takes care of business, and puts yourself and the ones you love always at #1?

We know templates don’t  make a wedding. The relationship you’ve built with your partner, the commitment you are making to one another, and the people coming together to support you with love do. That’s why we’ve designed and based this system on how to fit wedding planning into your life instead of it being your life. We want to prioritize you and empower you to plan as effectively as possible so you can spend your time, money, and energy on you, your partner, and the people that will be there long after the best party of your life.

When you click the “Yes! I want this!” button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment information directly.

This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Frequently asked questions

What if I just can't do it on my own?

We run group coaching sessions and a slack channel/facebook group you can join to get your questions answered as you plan, along with other couples who are in the same boat.

Won’t my venue manager or day-of coordinator be doing all of this for me?

Your venue manager or day-of-coordinator may be able to help you with some wedding planning items, but the level of support you’re going to get is going vary widely by business so check in up front with them about how much help you can really expect and when.  In our experience, day-of-coordinator support doesn’t kick in until 30 days before your wedding, and venue managers are really limited to helping things run smoothly during the day-of, like making sure the vendors know where they’re going and making sure the food goes out on time

What if I decide this isn't for me?

We stand by our 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. No worries. BUT, we’ll also tell you that we’re obsessed with bringing the best product to market that we can - have a suggestion? Let us customize the product for YOUR NEEDS.

 What if I'm not tech-savvy?

No worries. You can just plug and play. It's super easy to customize, but if you need any technical help, we’re here for you.

How is this different from what I can find online for free?

These are the exact tools and insider hacks our Wedding Planners use with our full planning clients. You may be able to find some of these tools online, but to be honest, we made our own because what we were finding wasn’t quite hitting the mark.  Plus, our system includes a complete and ready-to-go file organization system already populated with the tools and spreadsheets you need, so you’re saving a ton of time up front instead of reinventing the wheel.

What if I need help from a professional?

If you’re feeling stuck or just want someone to handle it all for you, our team of Professional Event Planners love to provide 1:1 event planning support. Your personal Event Planner can meet you where you’re at, no matter how far along you are in your planning process and no matter your budget.  Schedule a call with us to learn more at https://fluttersocial.com/#calendly-schedule or drop us a line at hello@fluttersocial.com.