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Congrats, you're engaged! Now what?

Getting engaged is the best feeling! Until you have to start planning.

Here's the’ve never planned a major event before and you’re suddenly planning the biggest party you’ll probably ever throw.

You don’t know what you should be doing or when to start doing it.

You’re overwhelmed as you try to plan everything on top of your full-time job.

You don’t know who to hire, what things should cost, or how to navigate through all the options.

It’s a huge investment, but you have no idea how far your budget will take you.

Plus, hiring a traditional Planner to help you figure it all out is going to set you back $5,000+ before you even get started.

There's a brand new option - work with our Professional Wedding Planners, all online, without breaking the bank.

Whether you need an expert to help get you started, just tie up loose ends, or plan the whole thing, there’s a Flutter Social Virtual Planner that’s right for you.

Imagine waking up each day filled with the same excitement about your wedding (or even more!) as the day you got engaged, knowing that you’re going to have an amazing day and that everything is handled.

How would it feel if you could spend the days leading up to your wedding focused on the things that really matter - self-care, your career, being present for family and friends... Imagine the feeling of your wedding planning fitting with all of the other parts of your life instead of completely taking it over...

How would your life be different if you could: 

  • Relax, knowing you have an EXPERT keeping you organized, on-track, and on-budget throughout wedding planning
  • Know EXACTLY what you need to get done and when
  • Focus on celebrating your engagement and the fun parts of wedding planning
  • Be in total control of planning your wedding instead of having wedding planning control you
  • BE PRESENT when spending time with your friends and family instead of stressing over what you should be doing for your wedding
  • Manage your career AND planning your wedding like a boss, without sacrificing either
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Flutter Social *Virtual* Event Planners

How it Works


Collaborate with a Pro via Online Planning Sessions

Hop on a video planning session to work with your pro Event Planner wherever you're at in the planning process. Whether you're completely overwhelmed and want someone to do everything for you or if you just need help with all the logistics. We have an expert for you.


Get the Benefit of Our Network to Save You Time + Money

Your Planner creates a custom event plan + helps to knock out all the to-do's... managing your budget, finding + hiring vendors that fit your vibe, creating that day-of timeline, + everything in between. We're experts at event planning so let us handle the logistics for you.


Enjoy the Best. Party. Ever... The Logistics Are Handled

Leading up to your event, your Planner coordinates with your day-of point person, your vendors, and all key players so your event goes off without a hitch. Need help finding a Day-Of Coordinator? We got you. All communication and timelines are handled. You just enjoy the best day ever!

Flutter Social - Our Promise

Our Promise

You’ll love working with your Flutter Social Planner or your money back.

left quote

"Thank you, Flutter, for helping us along almost every step of our entire process. In terms of wedding planning, you've managed to help minimize the stress and maximize the happiness, which is really what I guess the wedding should be about.”


-Kelsey + Scott, Philadelphia PA

“We didn’t really know where to start. Working with my [Flutter] Planner allowed us to tap into the expertise we needed and at a price point that was in my budget.”


-Lydia + James, Cleveland OH

“We’re living in Chicago and planning a wedding in Greenville so everything we do is virtual. We both have demanding careers so having a Planner to help us has been amazing.”


-Andrew + Roy, Greenville DE

Tap into the Flutter network of 700+ hand-picked vendors

Our Planners source vendors specifically for you that match your style, needs, and budget.

Work with your Planner for a fab and stress-free wedding planning experience with a package that’s right for you – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Virtual Planning Frequently Asked Questions

Working with a *virtual* Wedding Planner is great if you want the benefits of a professional Planner to keep you organized and on track but don't want to pay the crazy fees of a traditional Planner. When you work with your own personal Flutter Social *virtual* Wedding Planner, we literally take items off your to-do list and are there to help you tackle all things wedding. You schedule your video planning sessions around your schedule and your Planner is available in between meetings to answer any of your questions. You can think of us like your Wedding Fairy Godmother - bibbidi-bobbidi-boo >>> from [wedding] stressed to blessed.

Our job is to help you enjoy your regularly scheduled life while we handle the wedding planning. Once you pick your package you’ll meet your personal Planner virtually. Planning sessions with your Planner happen over video sessions and everything is organized centrally on your Flutter Dashboard, which is linked to an organized Google Drive so everyone is on the same page. Each session you’ll pick the focus and your Planner will put together an action plan to take care of business.

A Pop-Up Sesh never expires and can be used to get expert help on any type of party at any time. If you have a Queen B package and miss your video planning session for a month, you can use it in another month when you have an active Queen B package. If you do not have an active Queen B package then the video planning session expires.

If for some reason you aren’t clicking with your Planner then we’ll rematch you until you find the one.

Yes! Our network of Planners have experience planning weddings all over the world and have the connections, experience, and tools to help you plan an event no matter what city you're celebrating in.

Your Queen B package will auto-renew each month unless you decide to cancel it so you’ll get personalized help each month. If you feel like you need more than an hour of facetime each month, you can always add to your planning package with a Pop-Up Sesh. There is no limit to the amount of Pop-Up Seshes you can schedule.

Are you more of a DIY person who just wants check-ins with a Planner to make sure you are on track and not missing anything? OR, do you want peace of mind that your own personal Wedding Planner is taking care of things for you? Someone who is handling things on your to-do list - like tracking your budget, finding and coordinating vendors, putting together your day-of schedule, etc.

The Boss Method Glow Up 1:1 Pop-Up Virtual Planning Sesh is available at any point if you need concentrated 1:1 support from a professional Wedding Planner. Pop-up sessions are over video chat. This package is best if you need an expert’s help working through a task, getting unstuck, or want to check in to make sure you are on track and not missing anything. ***Can be purchased separately or added on to any package.***

The Queen B 1:1 Full *Virtual* Planner Package gives you the VIP planning experience - YASS, QUEEN. Let your *personal* Wedding Planner handle it. Your Planner will work with you to bring your wedding vision to life with monthly 1:1 video sessions where we construct a personal 30-day plan. Your Planner works in 30-day increments to tackle your to-do’s behind the scenes for you >> so you can actually enjoy your engagement --- stress-free. You get everything that’s included in The Boss Method Wedding Planning System PLUS you have your own dedicated Planner to take care of the planning and logistics for you. The Queen B is designed for you to get the right amount of help when you need it. It’s a month-to-month planning package that you can cancel anytime and start up again as you need help throughout the planning process. ***Ideal for couples who want to be fully present, stress-free, and would prefer to work with a professional to bring their vision to life.***

The earlier your Planner gets involved the sooner you can get back to enjoying your engagement. If you don’t have a date yet, don’t worry! Your Planner can help with that. We are here to help at every stage of planning.

When you select The Queen B month-to-month package you will work with the same Planner throughout your planning experience for all consecutive months of your plan. If you are starting and stopping the Queen B package, we do our best to match you with the same Planner you had before but cannot guarantee it. Every Planner is familiar with our planning dashboard and process so they can easily jump in to pick up where another Planner left off. For The Boss Glow Up 1:1 Pop-Up *Virtual* Planning Sesh having the same Planner is not guaranteed if you are booking multiple independent sessions. If you add on a Boss Glow Up 1:1 Pop-Up *Virtual* Planning Sesh to a Queen B package then you’ll get an extra video planning session with your current Planner.

Currently Flutter Social Day-Of Coordinators are available in select states - Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, and California. If you are getting married in any of these states you can add on a Flutter Day-Of Coordinator to any Queen B package for an extra $1,500. If you are interested in Day-Of support, complete this form to check if we are available for your date and location.

If you are outside of these states, and in need of a Day-Of Coordinator, we do offer travel Day-Of Coordinators in certain regions. It’s the same $1,500 fee to be added on to at least one month of a Queen B package plus travel and accommodations for travel beyond a 60-mile radius of where your Planner is coming from. Due to our reasonable rates for Day-Of Coordinators, our travel Coordinators are often still more affordable than local options - it just depends. Complete this form to check if we are available for your date and location and to get an estimate on travel expenses.

If we don’t have a Coordinator available for you, you can work with your Virtual Planner to find a Day-Of Coordinator. We'll find you Day-Of support that checks off all your boxes from vibe to budget AND your Planner works with your Day-Of Coordinator to transition the event plan seamlessly so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the best day ever.

That's great. Your Planner is an expert at event planning, organization, and logistics so we'll get everything in order, coordinate with all key vendors, and as your event approaches, we'll work with your Day-Of Coordinator to seamlessly transition the event plan we create.

Our Queen B 1:1 Full *Virtual* Planner Package is a month-to-month plan that you can cancel anytime.  The Boss Method Glow Up 1:1 Pop-Up Virtual Planning Sesh is a one-time fee to be paid upfront. All services are meant to allow you to create a package that works for you to get the right amount of help when you need it. Unlike other Planners, you don’t need to put up a large deposit or make any major commitments from the start.